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Why Mestrae shoes can save your life

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"If you're in love with high-heeled shoes, think twice before getting behind the wheel with them", said an article found on the internet. Below these lines there is a link to access multimedia content. Take a look at the video ...


I have tried to do a little self-criticism, and yes, I must confess that I have always driven with high-heeled shoes and I have not made distinctions as to the height of them. But, you know what? I will not stop putting them on, let alone change the size of my bag to be able to wear whichever high heeled shoes I prefer.



I bet you are wondering HOW and WHY, I have the answer without even knowing the question. So simple and easy. You only have to put this small bag in your purse with ease.



Yes, only this tiny bag. And in this magical bag I'll have my sexy stiletto heels, comfortable half-high heels and small enough heels for hitting the town. Everything in this little bag is all because of MESTRAE, its pragmatism and functionality, its creativity, comfort and glamor all in one!!! Have you ever seen anything like that?


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